Workable Cybersecurity


You can protect your computer and data from damage or unauthorized access by using cybersecurity. In the context of computing, security includes both cybersecurity and physical security. In order for your network, computer or program to be safe from attack, you can ask what vpn is best for firestick. And here are 4 cybersecurity that can be applied:

1. Secure your social media

Social media can connect us with people around us, even social media can also connect us with people we don’t want to share our personal information with. Cybercriminals know how to use the information you share on social media to get your personal access. Always make sure your account is set to “private” and can only be seen by your family and friends.

2. Don’t miss your updates

Many of us may have new devices at home. There are also many new and interesting technology toys on the market, it is difficult to avoid IoT. If your device asks for an update and if you feel disturbed, sometimes you choose “skip” when you want to return to the gadget. Updates on your device are very important because they often include critical patches on new bugs or deficiencies in the system. So, it would be nice to complete the update on your device.

3. Avoid free Wi-Fi

You must be careful of public Wi-Fi because public Wi-Fi does not have encryption. You can also use VPN to make a safe connection. Personal online activities such as shopping or accessing your banking information without a VPN can reveal your sensitive information to hackers. VPN is a smart way to store your personal information.

4. Use a better password

Some people choose to use a simple combination to fill in the password in their accounts. However, choosing a better password is also a good step in security. Try entering some numbers and symbols to complicate the password.

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