How to Maintain IT System Security


Technology continues to advance and develop over time. With the development of this technology, many benefits are obtained by humans. Such as, can help speed up human work, improve the quality and quantity of services, simplify the process of financial transactions, and others. Not only in terms of benefits but in terms of technological security itself must also be considered. To support this, you must know some ways to keep your IT system security and also what is the best vpn for android phones, as follows:

Protect with passwords

Many cyber attacks have succeeded in hacking because of weak passwords. All-access to the network and data is very sensitive and must be maintained with a unique username and password. You need to combine numbers, symbols, and letters for a strong password. It is recommended for each user to use a unique password.

Design safe systems

Limit access to your technology infrastructure to prevent hackers and thieves from easily damaging your system. When possible, also use unique email, login, server and domain names for each user, workgroup or department.

Conduct screening and background checks

Screening and background checks on employees need to be done. It’s the same with researching their credibility as well. During the initial trial period, access to sensitive data or suspicious networks conducted by your employees must be prohibited and also restricted, so that your IT system becomes secure.

Avoid unknown email attachments

Never click on an unknown email attachment, which possibly contains a computer virus. Before opening it, contact the sender to confirm the contents of the message. If you don’t know the sender, it’s best to delete the message and block the unknown sender’s account.

You can help by building a corporate culture that emphasizes computer security through training programs that warn of the risks involved in careless passwords, networks, programs, and devices.

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